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Controversial certificate management using Step

DevOps methodology implies faster development, increased reliability, and sometimes security. Many new tools have emerged to fulfill the DevOps needs. Many of them rely on the PKI or even manage the PKI somehow.

Microsoft Office 365 email spoofing

«Securely run and grow your business» - says the advertisment on the Microsoft webpage that tells about email services for business customers.

Not belive!

Short story about «Orion Pro»: access control system without access control

Once whule pentesting a WI-FI network I discovered a lot of open ports (XML-RPC) on one of the hosts.

MacOS local DNS

Sometimes you need to use DNS on non-standard port. MacOS does not allow that. The following recipe helps to overcome this restriction.

Burp Suite Pro 1.7.31 Loader & Keygen reverse engineering

One sleepless night I decided to investigate how Burp Suite Pro 1.7.31 Loader & Keygen written by surferxyz works.